August 11, 2009 Gathering

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Chicago Community of Passionist Partners-North

August 11, 2009

In attendance:
Penny Jaworski (chair)
Joan Fabiano
Irene Horst
Dan O’Donnell
Dave O’Donnell
Sebastian MacDonald CP


Financial Report (Dan O’Donnell):

We had no income or expenses since the last report.  As of today’s date we have $1,641.83 (Oral report was not given at meeting) 


Continuing the attempt to arrive at a program for the coming year Dan read a quote from Fr. John Shork’s August 4, 2009 reflection on the Passionist of Holy Cross Province Web Site  suggesting that here we have a good articulation of what we can do when we come together: 

"God invites us to benefit from regular, in-depth reflection on our personal spiritual lives.  Are we growing?  Has personal sinfulness clouded our view of people and our world?  Is our faith strong enough to carry us over troubled waters?  Are we humble enough to reach out for the help that God offers us in so many ways, especially through the Sacraments?  Such questions and reflection are at the heart of our Passionist retreats, parish missions, and other ministries."

After some discussion we arrived at the following consensus.

  • Our meetings should invite us to regular, in-depth reflection on our personal spiritual lives.
  • Each meeting will begin with participants personally sharing what they are grateful for today.
  • Each meeting will provide for time of reflection.

Much of the discussion centered on the Passionists’ Charism especially as it relates to the Compassion of Christ.

Everyone is encouraged to continue the discussion online between now and our next meeting.  Please include all members in online discussion by clicking on "reply to all" from the email to which these minutes are attached.


Participants prayed over Joanie who is heading to a Mission in Africa.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday September 8, 2009

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