Houston Partners Celebrate Mass and Covenant Renewal

Houston Partners Celebrate Mass and Covenant Renewal

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On April 3, 2011, the Community of Passionist Partners in Houston, partners with Holy Name Passionist Community, celebrated its renewal of their personal, annual covenants.  This is the annual expression of each one’s desire to continue to journey with one another in living the Passionist Charism.  Their monthly gatherings, held at the Holy Name Passionist Community, strengthen their resolution and are a mutual assistance in making daily life reflect their commitment to the Memory of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Present for the Mass and Covenant Ceremony were the members of the local Passionist Community.  Father Cedric Pisegna was the principal celebrant of the Mass, and Fr. Simon Herbers was the officiant of the Covenant ritual and blessing.  Father Arthur Carrillo, former local leader of the Community, was in Spring TX, preaching a Lenten Mission during those days, and was able to attend the ceremony as well.

Members of the Community of Passionist Partners who could not be present had sent their covenant formula in advance, so that it could be read for them at the appropriate time.

Photos attest to the solemnity of the Mass and Covenant Ritual, as they do also to the family spirit manifested in the following reception.

Information on the Community of Passionist Partners may be requested at: holyname@passionist.org .


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Reading and Signing the Covenant

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Group Shot











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