The First Station

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The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death

We adore you, O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your holy cross, you have saved the world.

There is Jesus now, standing quietly and calmly before Pilate.  He is bruised and bleeding from beatings.  They have made a crown of thorns and put it on his head.  Pilate wants to please the people so he believes their false stories about Jesus.  He orders that Jesus be crucified.

Oh, poor Jesus, how can they do this to you, you who are so gentle and kind to us all?  But how can you be so calm and so quiet when they spread untrue stories about you? Why do you not shout out, "No, I’m innocent!  Stop hurting me!"

Dear Jesus, please help me to never falsely accuse anyone or to ridicule or insult them.  Make me kind and loving to all.

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