The Fourteenth Station

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The Fourteenth Station: Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

We adore you, O Christ and we bless you.

Because by your holy cross, you have saved the world.

A kind man named Joseph offers  a tomb to Mary for the body of Jesus.  With great love and sadness, his body is wrapped in a clean sheet and laid in the tomb.  His tomb is in a small garden and a big stone blocks the opening of the tomb.  A soldier is ordered to stand guard over the tomb in case someone tries to steal Jesus’ body.

Your burial takes place quietly.  Those who stayed with you through these last hours are those who shared in your hopes and dreams.  Their sorrow weights heavily on them, but they continue to tell their stories about the one they called the Messiah.  You preached love and forgiveness.  I saw it overcome by the weight of the cross.  I saw it suffer, and  I saw it die.  I saw love today and it was beautiful.

Dear Jesus, there are many times in our lives when things fall apart, when dreams are shattered, when hope no longer seems possible.  In our poverty, our brokenness, we come to you for healing.  In those times of trial, Jesus, remind us of your love, remind us of your forgiveness, remind us of your promise to be with us always, and grant us the grace to go forward in faith.

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