July 10 2009 Gathering

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July 10, 2009 Gathering

On Friday, July 10, 2009, the Passionists met in the St. Albert Hall, in the St. Paul of the Cross room in memory of Diane Schmitt.  That night’s meeting was an introduction to Passionist rule with Fr. Yoseph Pedau.  Fr. Yoseph is from Indonesia, lives in the US and was in Nashville for a visit.  Each participant was given a copy of the Passionist Rule from the Rule and Consitution and an addendum for associates.  Rick Hoelzel opened by reading a passage about the Passionist’s life as a medicine for other’s ills.  He and Ken Schmitt discussed times where one can be that medicine for others, in and out of the Catholic faith, to complement the efforts of the clergy.  Fr. Yoseph took over and presented the rule and consitution, giving a brief introduction to both.  He suggested we see the rule as a solution, not a problem in itself.  A metaphor was used often during the presentation as the Passionist Rule as a GPS.  That the rule will show one the right direction to travel, that life wouldn’t become as one sailing without a course.  Father Yoseph shared what a typical day would be like for a Passionist novitiate and the group shared its satisfaction with being able to have a copy of the rule, and reference was made to online resources, particularly through http://www.passionist.org/ministry/ome/formationmaterials/rule.

We recently had a gathering of Passionists and Passionist Associates in Tennessee on Sunday, July 19th.  It was held at Our Lady, Queen of Peace retreat center near Daunceyville, Tennessee.  Daunceyville is about midway between Jackson and Memphis; the retreat center is located near Interstate 40.  After a tour of the retreat center, which is operated by the sisters and used by many groups in the Diocese of Memphis, members had time to mingle and get to know each other by a welcoming hearth.  We had a lunch, with some time spent outside as the weather was cool and welcoming for July.  This was followed by a prayer service honoring the founder of the Sisters of the Cross and Passion, Elizabeth Prout, and asking for her intercession for us to lead lives of service, honoring our Lord.  Everyone enjoyed the get-together and a gracious invitation was made for Passionists to feel welcome to return to the retreat center in the future.

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