“Not to be complacent. Today the Passion reminds me not to be complacent especially with the suffering in our world. The Passion of Jesus shook the world of the first Century. The Cross was used to intimidate a population and to promote social dominance. Instead the power of God turned the cross upside down and it became the very symbol of Divine justice and peace. A world that had gotten used to a certain level of violence and injustice for the sake of social dominance was completely destabilized and brought down and the symbol for its demise was its own violent method.

Our current world faces a very similar possibility. If we choose a pattern of social complacency in the midst of great suffering then we are setting ourselves up for a world of hurt. The Passion is alive in our world; it is alive in the suffering of many who are falling into poverty and disease. It is alive in the social unrest and violence that is happening throughout our world. It is alive with the ongoing destruction of our own planet and environment. The Passion is alive today and we must fervently preach this message as our forbearers did 2000 years ago. If our society fails to respond our own society will fail to exist. ”

John Gonzalez, 2.29.08

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