“Give voice to our spiritual stories. Vocation is more than a question of, ‘What am I good at?’ It is remarkably easy for me to fail at tasks I technically have the skills for, but temperamentally am totally unsuited to do. Learning from both failures and joys helped me recognize ways I can serve God that feel authentic.

From the days of my youth, I have always been the storyteller for whatever group I find myself in. My paying job calls me to tell the story of someone who does not have a voice, so that others might understand and respond with compassion. My volunteer ministry is spiritual direction: helping people unpack the stories of their relationship with God, and making connections between their life stories and the Good News of Salvation.

Everywhere, I am called to remind others of the Good News by treating them with the dignity that is their birthright as children of God. And through it all, I am called to love and respect my own story. These are the goals I feel called to attempt. My will alone is not enough to do any of it. I can’t serve God without relying on God to sustain me when service demands sacrifice (daily!)”

Dianne Cotton, 2.28.08

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